Dramatica Pro

Dramatica Pro bills itself as "The ultimate creative writing partner." Short of having your favorite author move into your home and sit by your elbow when you are writing, this software does indeed provide an unparalleled amount of inspiration and guidance.
Creative writers of all abilities will benefit from Dramatica Pro's interactive approach to dealing with character development, plot development, and theme development. Regardless of whether you are a published author or someone who for years has been meaning to sit down and finally write "that story," Dramatica is a good way to start the process.
The software also contains numerous tools to overcome writer's block. For example, a story guide leads you through the ideal path to create your own story. There are over 60 context-sensitive examples of how similar plot points and themes appear in successful films, novels, and plays. Casting is made easier with a database of 5,000 unusual names and 500 icons to help you visualize all of your character roles.
This sophisticated software will not write your story for you but it may make the creative process a good deal less painful than is often the case. A Dramatica Pro demo can be downloaded at http://www.screenplay.com. Available for Macintosh and Windows. $399. 800-84-STORY