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"Brainy Baby" (6 - 36 months) is a video series designed to help develop the whole brain by addressing both the left and right brain methods of thinking.

Brainy Baby Volume One is geared toward the right brain, which encourages creativity, imagination and perception. Art is demonstrated through the use of drawing simple objects, tracing, and painting. Geometry is explored through different approaches such as colorful patterns, nesting shapes, 3D objects, curvature space, and object relationships. The imagination is also stimulated in the right brain video. Clouds and ink blots transform and become recognizable objects such as butterflies and teddy bears.

Brainy Baby Volume Two is designed to stimulate the left brain, with visuals to encourage growth in the areas of math, language and logic. Concepts such as numerical reasoning, and simple adding and subtracting are all covered in the math sections. The alphabet and simple sentences as well as English, Spanish and French words are explored in the language sections. The role of the left brain in analysis and logic is cultivated through the use of black, white and red patterns, and through shapes, angular space, stacking objects, and the piecing together of puzzles.

$15.95 each. Available at major retailers or call 800-521-5311 or click here.