The problem isn't getting organized; it's staying organized. Keeping up with where you have to be and when and who to call or meet with can be frustrating. But no more! Now Up-to-Date & Contact software ($129.95-$144.95) helps you get organized and stay organized. You can easily display your calendar and contacts on your computer, make appointments, create to do lists, and store information about the people you know. You can also schedule telephone calls and when it is time to make a phone call, Now Up-To-Date & Contact can do the dialing for you. Other features include inserting names and addresses into letters and automatically keeping a record of what you have done as well as what remains to be done. The software also allows you to interface with the Internet, send e-mail, and print labels

To enhance mobility, the software lets you synchronize your calendar and contacts with a Palm compatible PDA.

Available for PC and Macintosh platforms. Customers have access to live phone support and extensive online help. Click here for more information or to download a FREE 30 day trial of the program.

Available from local computer software retailers or call 800-344-9160.